Rocky 4EurSole 3 in 1 clog shoes review #Fit4GreaterPurpose

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I received products for review from Rocky 4EurSole. Opinions are my own.

rocky 4eur sole shoes review

I have a bit of a shoe problem collection. I have a little of them all. Pumps, sneakers, flats, boots, all different brands and colors. When I started working at Target last fall I had problems with my shoes. I couldn’t figure out what I could wear for 8 hours at the register and not end up crying when I got home and took my shoes off. I tried name brand sneakers, arch support flats and even boots with supportive inserts yet nothing was helping my poor tired, aching feet make it through an entire shift, much less days in a row at a time. Then I was introduced to Rocky 4EurSole footwear on twitter. I read up a little on their 3 in 1 style clogs. I had clogs years ago but wore them so much they started to come apart. I think they were Tommy brand? I loved the look and they didn’t seem to hurt my feet when I wore them granted I wasn’t standing for eight hours back then. I decided to give the Rocky 4EurSole shoes a try for work. Rocky 4EurSole is specifically designed for women who are dynamic, performance-driven and always on the go (and on their feet). I received the Rocky 4EurSole leather clogs in black and the Rocky 4EurSole western embellished leather clogs in brown. I was told that the clogs run small so for my size 10 foot it was suggested that I order the size 42 (US size 11) and they were right! The 11 fits (with and without socks) like all my other (U.S.) size 10 shoes that I have.

rocky 4eursole clog shoes review
I like that with the Rocky 4EurSole clogs I have 3 different options on how to wear the one pair. How do you get 3 types of shoes out of one pair of clogs? Each pair of clogs comes with 2 types of inserts. For work I have to have closed toe and heel shoes so I wear the insert that gives the full back option. For home wear I prefer the open back/sling back insole. Both are equally as comfortable, the shorter insole with the strap to the front of the shoe is just my style preference outside of work. That’s the beauty of such a versatile pair of shoes. You can choose how you wear them.

rocky 4eursole clog shoes review That’s me on a typical day after work wearing the clogs with the full back insole. I can stand at the register and walk the floor of Target for 4, 6, or 8 hours and come home and rest but not have to worry about aching, sore, blistered feet at the end of the day. Not only are these shoes comfortable and useful but they are also easy to keep clean. I have felt before that most shoes were either comfortable and ugly or fashionable and painful to wear for very long. The Rocky 4EurSole clogs are a very happy medium. I think they are cute shoes and they are totally comfortable to wear all day.

rocky 4eursole shoes review

rocky 4eursole clogs shoes review

From working eight hour shifts and doing grocery shopping after work to just hanging out around the house with the boys I love the options from Rocky 4EurSole shoes. My only problem? Trying to decide which color shoes to choose next. You can read more about the Rocky 4EurSole shoes and buy a pair or two for yourself. I am positive your feet will still be able to do a happy dance even at the end of a long work day.

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