Searching for the unicorn… I hate bra shopping

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It finally happened. I had that sudden feeling of betrayal. My favorite bra had the underwire snap and it was stabbing me in the chest. Not only did it snap in half but it came out of the lining. If it had just worn out of the lining that would be a quick fix. But no it had to snap and then come out and jab me. I need to do some bra shopping. I hate bra shopping.

bra shopping

There are not many stores that sell bras that I can just walk in to and be able to find a bra for myself. Most stores only carry up to a DD or DDD(E) and that just isn’t enough support for my girls as I am a G/H. I have been wearing bras with underwire since I was a teen. In the 90’s I couldn’t find a comfortable bra that came without underwire. As an adult the options seem to have increased some. I still can’t do normal bra shopping in stores unless it’s a plus size store or bra specialty shop. This year as I adjusted to after baby life I have been on the search for comfortable bras again. I want pretty. I want support. I want comfort. Is that the unicorn of the bra world to find a bra that offers style, comfort, and support?

Not being able to bra shop in stores I hit the internet to search for bras in my size. There are a lot of options for us busty ladies online but I have to try bras on to know if they fit properly and if I like them on or not. Then I came across the wireless bra from Knixwear. It’s wireless, seamless, and supposedly comfortable. The bras I was looking at have 800+ and 1350+ reviews on them. In reading over the options I have my eye on the padded 8 in 1 Evolution bra. 8 ways to wear 1 bra? I was intrigued. The first review I see on the Evolution bra from knixwear is from a gal who is a size E and has all kinds of praises on the bra. It’s $55 which is about the same or less than what I usually spend on bras at my bra shop. One day I went to a bra shop with my cousin and I left the store with 4 bras and spent $400. So what’s $55 to try one especially if it’s a great as the reviews mostly say?

So my fellow large bust ladies, where do you buy your bras? Have you found your mythical unicorn perfect bra?

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  1. heh heh I’m notorious for buying cute bras on sale, then don’t wear them. My ol’ trustee’s get worn to shreds, comfy but not that cute. But I do have a drawerful of ones from anywhere that is a bargain, I try to wear them at least a couple times a year so I don’t feel I lost my money’s worth totally.

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